Cole Personal Safety is a home based business that was started in August 2007 for the purpose of teaching people the basics in Handgun Safety and also teaching the State of Tennessee Certified curriculum for the Handgun Carry Permit Course. Cole Personal Safety is also registered with the National Rifle Association as a recruiting organization for the NRA. We also teach CPR/Basic First Aid/AED use through the American Heart Association.
Cole Personal Safety are members of the Dickson County Chamber of Commerce.

Gift certificates available for Handgun Class for Christmas or special occasions---contact us at

Please join the NRA by clicking on the Join NRA link to the right. This is especially important right now with all the turmoil in the world. Our second amendment rights are at stake here. This is a small price to pay and gives us all more of a voice.

Cole Personal Safety Handgun Permit Classes


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Welcome to Cole Personal Safety where we teach the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class.
We also teach CPR/Basic First Aid Classes and we also sell A.E.D's.


Your Safety Is Our Business